Sunday, August 31, 2014

You May Take Me to the Fair

Do you recall the other night that I distinctly said you might
Serve as my escort at the next town fair?
Well, I'm afraid there's someone who I must invite in place of you
Someone who plainly is beyond compare
That Frenchman's power is more tremendous than I have e'er seen anywhere
And when a man is that tremendous
He, by right, should take me to the fair.

I do applaud your noble goals
Now let us see if you achieve them
And if you do, then you will be the three who go to the ball, to the show
And take me to the fair.
--Camelot, 1967

Copyright Alison Palizzolo


  1. Ice Cream stand is my favorite. Fun, fun stuff!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Sue! This was a fun one to photograph.