Sunday, August 31, 2014

You May Take Me to the Fair

Do you recall the other night that I distinctly said you might
Serve as my escort at the next town fair?
Well, I'm afraid there's someone who I must invite in place of you
Someone who plainly is beyond compare
That Frenchman's power is more tremendous than I have e'er seen anywhere
And when a man is that tremendous
He, by right, should take me to the fair.

I do applaud your noble goals
Now let us see if you achieve them
And if you do, then you will be the three who go to the ball, to the show
And take me to the fair.
--Camelot, 1967

Copyright Alison Palizzolo

Monday, August 25, 2014

Night Frog

We have a little friend that frequents our door step every night. The other night I went out and took some photos of him. He started to look right at me and I was afraid he was going to leap, so I left him alone after only a few photos. These photos are deceiving, he is probably not much bigger than my thumb nail. Maybe I can catch him in the day next time.

Copyright Alison Palizzolo.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


This past weekend we went to my family's lake house. The back yard is all blueberry bushes. I have many fond memories picking them with my grandparents and other family members. I can see a couple of these as possible future paintings.

Copyright Alison Palizzolo.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Who knew what a little dawn dish detergent, bubble mixture, and a dixie cup could do? Trying something new here. I was experimenting with my macro lens this past weekend. My step-dad was blowing bubbles for Sienna and I thought I'd try to capture the colors. This was not as easy as you might think. I think some of the photos are pretty cool. I hope you enjoy the color!

See ya! Thanks for stopping by.

Copyright Alison Palizzolo.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Acadia Adventures: Color Burst

I shot so much in black and white over vacation, but these are probably some of my favorite photos that I took. The colors in the rocks were unbelievable. The water was so aqua and blue that it almost looked tropical. We call this place "Pebble Beach." Climbing out onto the cliffs was awesome, even though I despise heights. I hope you enjoy this much needed move away from black and white - even though there is one at the end.

Copyright Alison Palizzolo.