Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekend Adventure

We went to a VERY cool used book store a few weekends ago. I have had no time to edit or upload these photos until now. Billy took me here on one of our first dates. He likes to collect first edition and antique books. This is the perfect to place to find a little of both. His brother Michael came with us. If there was ever a nuclear war and you were inside this place - the PILES of books would probably shield you from any radiation. On the other hand if there were an earthquake you would most certainly be squished like a bug from the millions of tons of books that live in this house/store. Both of which I contemplated as we were walking through book land. Upstairs is a little sketchy to me, it seems like the floors are about to give in at any moment. It may seem like a death trap, but in any case, it made for a very fun weekend adventure.

You could get lost and I did. Only once.

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